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First Sergeant (Retired)
Larry D. McClelland

1SG Larry McClelland - Military Affiliation

"Once A Soldier; Always A Soldier"

1SG Larry McClelland - US Army Retired

United States Army

24 Years of Active Federal Service

1SG McClelland enlisted in the United States Army in 1992 as a 76V (Materiel Storage and Handling Specialist) which later reclassified as a 92A (Automated Logistics Specialist). 1SG McClelland has served in numerous leadership positions (Squad Leader, Section Sergeant, Platoon Sergeant, Operations Sergeant, Small Group Instructor, First Sergeant, Senior Enlisted Advisor and Interim Sergeant Major. 1SG McClelland Retired in 2016.

1SG Larry McClelland - US Army

United States Army

First Sergeant

1SG McClelland was responsible for the health, welfare, morale, professional development, and training of the unit. Responsible for advising the Commander on enlisted matters, promotions, maintaining and enforcing standards, personal accountability, standard compliance with regulations, monitoring and enforcing maintenance records. 1SG McClelland had led and trained over 20,000 Servicemembers in the US Military.

1SG Larry McClelland - US Army Retired

International Society of Logistics

Certified Instructor

1SG McClelland has deployed to many foreign countries to teach foreign military support soldiers the dynamics of international logistics. 1SG McClelland holds a certification as a Demonstrated Senior Logistician at SOLE - The International Society of Logistics and the U.S. Army Logistics University. 

Larry McClelland - DLA Europe & Africa Senior Enlisted Advisor

Defense Logistics Agency

Senior Enlisted Advisor

1SG McClelland served as the Senior Enlisted Advisor for DLA Europe & Africa. 1SG McClelland advised the Regional Commander on all enlisted matters for joint servicemembers serving in the US Army, US Navy, US Marines, US Air Force and US Government Contractors who were assigned within the operational region of DLA Europe & Africa. 

"I Am A Warrior and A Member of A Team"

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